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In the Betley lab, we commit to creating and upholding an environment in which each lab member feels comfortable, heard, unhindered, and capable of achieving their potential.

While members often work on individual projects, collaboration and discussion amongst lab members is essential to foster new ideas and share previous experiences. We firmly believe that science is not best done in isolation. Lab maintenance responsibilities are shared equally amongst members to ensure that research runs smoothly for all members. Clean and safe work spaces are a priority, with regular lab clean-ups scheduled as additional insurance of these policies. We strive to contribute to sustainable chemistry by observing best-practice green chemistry when possible. Weekly lab meetings are held for two purposes: (1) to cover recent literature and (2) to share lab members’ progress and provide a time to troubleshoot any difficulties encountered. All members are expected to attend and are encouraged to participate in the discussions of these meetings. In all situations, from formal meetings to everyday encounters, we respect each member’s rights to speak up and be heard.

We believe that we all benefit from lab members’ input who are informed by their own experiences. Diversity of thought and background are celebrated in our lab, and all are welcome here to contribute to the academic excellence that we aspire to achieve together. We seek to promote a welcoming environment for all students regardless of gender identity, backgrounds, religion, or skin color. 

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